Monday, February 20, 2012

Capsiplex Plus - the all new Capsiplex

I wrote about Capsiplex a few days back and today I stumbled upon this website on Capsiplex plus coupon code and I thought I better share it here. The new Capsiplex is called Capsiplex Plus and it comes with extra ingredient called 5HTP. This 5HTP seems to be very popular because of the fact that it can improve sleep and help control anxiety. It basically improves your mood and helps you stay focused while your body tries to lose weight as fast as it can. You can read about 5HTP on Wikipedia to learn more.

There are a few similar products that contain both capsicum and 5HTP and I am right now trying to collect more information on the same. Once I get everything in the right place, I will be posting a comparison chart (which will also include both Capsiplex as well as its new version, Capsiplex Plus) and I will publish the same here on this blog. Please watch this space for the update and I am sure you will find it very helpful, specially if you trying to find the best capsicum based weight management supplement.

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