Sunday, February 20, 2011

User Reviews and Ratings are the new way of internet

As more and more people gets on board the internet every passing day, people look for more versatile and dynamic information on the internet. Gone are the days where people are happy with old and static information found on the web. Today people search for information which are updated regularly and which they can rely upon while taking a decision. That's is where user review and rating websites such as the and come into play.

I like the idea behind such websites because the information provided by them is dynamic and caters to the user needs. They provide information which we can actually use in day to day life. Sites like gives information on a particular product but would not tell you how the product or service performs on real people. Do they work? Do they really work as they claim to be? These are the questions that user reviews and rating websites help to answer.

I always read user reviews and check for real consumer rating on any particular product or service before actually falling for them and that's the way, I stay off falling for the wrong pitch. And I say, you should do it too.

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