Saturday, May 14, 2011

Consumer Forum and complaints submission

I had a very bad experience today with the Tata Photon Plus usb data card broadband service and I was wondering what would happen if I submit my complaint to the consumer forum. I idea came particularly because I saw an ad on my facebook profile today about this consumer forum and I have already liked it. But what actually would happen if I submit my complaint against Tata Photon Plus on this consumer forum?

I did find few other online consumer complaints submission website and I also find many service providers and product companies replying to the complaints with the intention to help the consumers get their issues resolved. That is sure a very good practice and it is good to see many companies become web-aware these days.

A similar incident happened when I posted a review about Airtel on feedbacker team. Airtel customer care replied to my review and asked to send the details of my complaint ID. I did and the problem got resolved within 3 days! That was really fast because the problem was pending for more than 10 days when I posted the review.

I personally feel that this is a good practice by companies and service providers to check for complaints and feedbacks posted on the internet by users. Internet, in this way, provides a medium for companies to connect with their customers and maintain a much better relationship.

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