Thursday, September 15, 2011 now earning more than

A few months back, I read on one of the daily newspaper's tech section and also on an Adage article that Facebook earning may surpass that of Google's in about 2 years. But I never thought it may come this soon! According to a website called earning estimator,'s earning is estimated to be $72 million per month while that of is just $55 million per month. That like a difference of $17 million per month in revenue! But of course this earning is estimated only for contextual advertising and the actual website earning may differ. But still, it does seems like is getting more and more hits compared to

But why people would love Facebook more than Google? Well, the answer seems to be obvious. People visit Google when they need something but at the same time, they visit Facebook to hangout with online friends or play games and chat around. But will the trend remain for long? Well, that is a big question. Because is a necessity in the internet world now and it seems like it will remain a necessity but is the same? Internet trend is a mystery and the answer to this question will be answered in time.

But the question is what do you think?

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nAn said...

I like facebook and google the same, from two totally different angle. So, I do not see how the two websites are in competition!!!